Meals for One (8 Meals) Bundle #6

Healthy College Meals

Pkg 1 Svg $159.99
Pkg 2 Svg $319.99
No Dssrt 1 Svg $139.99
No Dssrt 2 Svg $279.99

Healthy meals delivered to their door. Premade and frozen, ready to reheat, and great for whenever they're feeling hungry.

Bundle Description

  1. Fire Roasted Vegetables En Croute (RC), Creamy Spinach
  2. Crab Cakes (RC), Rice with Mixed Vegetables
  3. Eggplant Parmigiana, Fresh Herb Focaccia (RC)
  4. Baby Clam & Linguini Marinara, Pesto Cheese Flatbread (RC)
  5. Fire Roasted Vegetables En Croute (RC), Fresh Cut Corn Medley
  6. Crab Cakes, Rosemary Potatoes (RC)
  7. Eggplant Parmigiana, Pesto Cheese Flatbread (RC)
  8. Baby Clam & Linguini Marinara, Fresh Herb Foccacia (RC)
  1. U-Bake Apple Strudel (RC)(2 servings)
  2. Chocolate Ganache Cake (2 servings)

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